The Key to Our Success

Lektro Mechanical Handling Ltd was established to operate as a service arm of a number of fork lift suppliers but within a short period of time we had gained a reputation for supplying a swift and professional response to the needs of all our customers.  This led to some of those customers approaching Lektro directly for their service and fork lift rental equipment and int time we began to supply new and used fork lift trucks and a range of other mechanical handling solutions and warehouse equipment.

We operate in the outskirts of Slough, Wexham, Windsor, Reading, London and Heathrow, contact us today to find out how we can help you.

Lektro Tyres

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We offer an extensive range of OE specified and aftermarket tyres that will meet the demand of all applications.

We offer a fully comprehensive tyre range that suits every product category from Solid Resilient tyres, Pneumatic tyres, Press on Bands and full conversion.

Call us today on 01753 825807.

Are You Spring Cleaning Your Warehouse?

If you are looking for mechanical handling for your 2019 warehouse spring clean, then why not give us a call, we offer a wide variety of mechanical handling solutions and are conveniently located for London, Heathrow, Reading, Slough and the South of England.