Genuine CESAB parts

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Our service engineers carry all the most frequently used service parts as standard.  In the event that your truck requires a more specialist part, our engineers use the latest wireless technology to arrange delivery direct to your premises, minimising downtime.

Lektro Mechanical Handling

At Lektro Mechanical Handling, our expert team offer advice on both a strategic and operational level, from choosing the best truck to meet the  your needs to offering a range of flexible finance ensure that you have all the facts to make informed business decisions.

Understanding Customers Individual Needs

The forklift truck in many warehouses is a basic necessity, without the forklift the goods stay on the shelves and the operation grinds to a halt, also the level and quality of maintenance is crucial along with timing so as not to disrupt customers operation during busy periods.  Lektro understand all the needs of individual customers and provides service accordingly.