Lektro Forklift Training Academy

At the Lektro Forklift training academy we offer a full range of mechanical handling training including pallet truck training, pedestrian truck training, counter balance, reach truck  and all types of other training,

as part of the training you will learn all the relevant skills to comply with current health and safety regulations, including loading onto racking, safe  handling within  a warehouse environment, personal safety whilst in charge of the device, battery training, LPG  (Liquid Petroleum Gas) Training and diesel training.

So if you are working on LPG, Diesel or electric mechanical handling devices you will get the right training for your companies needs, or be trained on all devices if you re training for your own personal development.

All courses are run by accredited trainers covering RTITB (Road Transport Industry Training Board) or ITTSAR (Independent Training Standards Scheme and Register) certification. At the end of your training if you are successful you will receive a certificate of competence which will be valid for five years and we will register you and remind you when your revalidation training is due.

All course materials are supplied and can be taken with you when you complete your course.

We cover the following BITA Group Listings, A: Powered Pallet Trucks, B:Counterbalance, D: Reach, Z: Pallet Trucks


We currently run five types of courses

  1. Revalidation Course - This is a one day course and covers all operators who have previously driven fork lift trucks and are able to show proof of original certification
  2. Novice / Intermediate Training - This is a three day course for operators that have driven forklift trucks for a period of time but have not yet gained certification (subject to the appropriate validation of your existing skill level)
  3.  Total Novice Training - This is a five day course for drivers who have never operated a fork lift truck before, they will learn all the necessary skills to operate a wide variety of different mechanical handling devices,
  4. Conversion Course - For those operators who have previously been certified on one type of truck and want to be accredited on other fork lift devices or mechanical handling devices.
  5. Maintenance Training - This is a half day course to help your operators to save you money by providing first level maintenance on your forklift equipment in the working environment.

We have a fully designed training space which offers you the best possible training facilities but the know in some cases that our customers may have specific site needs, in which case we will also offer bespoke custom onsite training speak to us for more details.

If you are looking for approved forklift training then now is the right time to get in touch!

Racking Loading

Here we are demonstrating the correct procedure for loading and unloading of racking using a counterbalance forkiflt.


To arrange for training or to learn more, send us a message.